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4th-Dec-2020 10:29 am - intros
exo, kai, luhan, sehun
55% Public-My random posts, arts,KPOP-related,(Mostly EXO)JE-related posts, fanfiction,personal blogging(1/2)
40% Friend Locked-My fangirling post,personal blogging(1/2),!important posts.
And the others(like private,etc) are 5%


Just Becaauusee...Collapse )

Last update: 27/7/12
27th-Jul-2012 07:19 pm - pft, exotic.
exo, kai, luhan, sehun
well, yeah, people, I am back. from super hiatus. because of the school activities.
its not easy to be grade 8 /shrugs.

with the extreme exotic feeling.

yes, i regret nothing. 
ok gtg, to change my layout or edit the profile blaah. xo

yeah, i used to be the huge directioner (since october to march)  then became exotic (since march to future)
i still love hsj but i am still upset about ryuu-chan but ok, i respect his decision. 

unfortunately, i am not active here in LJ. this is my back-up account if my asianfanfics is not working.
also if there is no tumblr or twitter (like what if they are disappear.), then this is back-up, ok? 
but if i am in good mood, then i will write personal blog here. for my memories. 

asianfanfics || twitter || tumblr 

28th-Nov-2011 06:58 pm - Writer's Block: Fear factor
Cockroaches. -_-
What are you afraid of?
25th-Nov-2011 12:06 pm - My Normal Life. pfftt..
Kagamine Len
16th-22th Nov

  • I was in Malaysia -_-.
  • I skipped school. yea right. *sigh*
23th Nov
  • I skipped the school again. Because I unable to wake up at 6:00AM xD Bwahaha 
  • Woke up at 11:00AM
  • Went to Abu Dhabi Mall. and yet, I saw my school's students there at mall. Obviously, they ditched the school.
  • I dont care about school so I just enjoyed myself by SHOPPING. SHOPPING. SHOPPING. at Virgin Megastore...*sigggh* 
  • Ate frozen yogurt at Pinkberry *_*
  • Home. Then study. 

  • Went to school. And, my best friend was absent for good so I was really LONELY in my Islamic class. ;3; i'll kill her this sunday
  • Its my favourite teacher's bday :D ! Happy birthday,Ms. Lauren!~ I gave her a small teddy and a birthday card. 
  • the french test was easy. ouf. 
  • I was too happy xD that emi and I got good mark on our math assignment. BUT I STILL HATE MATH. 
  • Back to home and unable to hang out with friends. -_-' 
  • So....I watched this Bokura Ga Ita for fourth time. 
  • And ate Famous Amos cookies ^~^ nyaaaannn.
11th-Nov-2011 12:39 am - Happy 11/11/11!
exo, kai, luhan, sehun
HAPPY 11/11/11,PPLS ! 

Hope you guys like my art here! xx

10th-Nov-2011 11:02 pm - I am back x
exo, kai, luhan, sehun

well, I just realized that I actually miss my livejournal. Ouf. I had a lot things to do for school..like studying,homeworks,projects,presentations and blaaahhhhh. -.- I seriously need to focus on my studies from now on but :) I still want to write more here in my journal. 

Okay, it's natural if you are changing yourself,right? 

"Things do not change; we change."
                                        -Henry David Thoreau

Which means, Hey!Say!JUMP don't change themselves. And yet, I am no longer a major fan of HSJ. ;( But I still support them. They were really awesome until then I just realized that I am not that big fan since I don't really check any HSJ news and I already had moved on but still, I need to move on again. *sigh*

Whatever,but JPOP fans, pleaaasee meet this band! THEY ARE AWESOME AND THEY KNOOW ITT! :D



Ok, I have to go. Bye :) 
Food is in my mind,kthxbai.
22nd-Oct-2011 04:28 pm - Writer's Block: Study break
exo, kai, luhan, sehun
Uhm, French Class..:D haha xx
15th-Oct-2011 08:55 pm - Tegomass *_*
exo, kai, luhan, sehun
Tegomass xx
**credits to owner. via tumblr. :)

I am in loooovee witth theeeemm again.

Oh well, I heard about NEWS, Yamapi and Nskd Ryo's incidents. :'/ I am OK with 4-nen members NEWS. But why did Koyama had to be aplogize to the fans? Not Yamapi and Ryo-chan :/. haha. 

Well, I got inspired by Koyama already. :') Becos of thisssss:

"I want to protect NEWS which we have built up together with all our fans with my life." -Koyama Keiichiro 

J'adore Kei-chan :') 


Anyone, pls wake me up if Ryutaro is going back to Hey!Say!JUMP...thank yooou :D! 

19th-Aug-2011 03:24 pm(no subject)
exo, kai, luhan, sehun

Just one more thing I would like to tell you all Muslim ppl. :D

HAPPY RAMADHAN,PEOPLE! *proudtobemuslim*

18th-Aug-2011 12:01 am - Now what...?
exo, kai, luhan, sehun
 I am totally disappointed that I CANNOT USE RICH TEXT EDITOR! *completely disappointed* 

so..heck yea, I only can use HTML to edit the fonts and stuffs. *siiiggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh*

But..can anyone here tell me why I cant use the RICH TEXT EDITOR


Whatever...and today :3 I reread the whole chapters of Kyou,Koi wo Hajimemasu!~ 

OOUUFF! THE COUPLE IS SOOO SO SOO CUTE >3<! I WISH I COULD STEAL HIBINO'S BOOYFRIEENDDD,KYOUTA! He is so freaking handsome. And no wonder why all hot manga boys always stolen by the girls like Usui Takumi and moree. (TuT)v but they are too ROMANTIC to kill me enough! Yea right, I cannot survive without any Shojo manga. x) ouff...

D: Dear God, when will I stop eating this Mee Maggi !? *cry*

AND MINAAAAA :3, well, just to tell you something, -_- uhmmm, xD MY BEST FRIEND GOT HER OWN BLOOOG! *throw confetti* She's kinda neww to her blog. (too bad, she is not jpop fan but kpop fan :DD ouff and belieber :3) Ouf...x)

Faizaaaaa, :D should I write the link of your blog here? :P

x) and I am eating the apple from Washington for the FIRST TIME! lame ha? o_o xD the apple is so deli-cious and reddish. xD I used to hate apples just because once I ate green apple and yet,it is damn sour. x) har har....is that really lame :P ?

Ok (^_^) I have to go noww,oouff.

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